Who can be an Affiliate?

We take Amazon Sellers, Influencers, Coaches, Media Buyers and anyone with an audience interested in E-Commerce. However, we recommend that you have a good amount of traffic or an audience.

What is the minimum payout?

Minimum of $150 Dollars required before requesting a payout.

Are there any restrictions on Commissions?

Yes. To be eligible for commissions the user signing up under your affiliate link or promotion code must be a NEW customer. If the user is already a Helium 10 account holder and uses an affiliate link or promotional code affiliated with you, please note: that this will not be considered for a commission. Please inquire with your Account Rep. for details.

Are there any other offers I can promote other than Helium 10?

We are working on adding new offers.

Do you have any ad copy for me to use?

Yes, please ask your account rep for details.

Can I use my own ad copy?

Yes, however, some restrictions apply. Ad copy must be approved by your account rep. please ask your account rep. for details.

Are there certain guidelines on the ad copy to avoid when promoting any of the following offers?

We do not accept any spam or false claims. Any false claims or spam will subject you to be automatically removed from the affiliate partnership and all commissions will be forfeited.

Example of non-compliant copy: "Make $1,000,000 by using Helium 10" or "Increase your revenue fast with Helium 10"

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